Eggsquisite Las Vegas International Egg Artists Show

I am looking forward to going to the Las Vegas Egg Show September 8th thru Sept 12th.

The show is hosted by the International Egg Art Guild (IEGA). They host shows
throughout the Country.

Eggsquisite Las Vegas International Egg Art Show!

This will be a special trip because I am going with my mother and two friends.
Mom is holding a seminar, so I will be helping her with class and our booth.
The Egg Title is “Southwest Memories” by Fran Hunold

This is a Rhea egg cut to represent a Native American Teepee. A beautiful maiden with long braids
standing in the entry. A bead design around the egg matches the maiden’s blanket. Hanging on
the teepee are a dream catcher, a medicine wheel, and rostra. You will learn to make these and
learn the meaning of the dream catcher, and medicine wheel. Potted cactus adorn the sandstone base,
with a rattle snake ready to strike near the teepee. Easy to do egg and it will be cut and ready to
start assembling.

A Rhea is a ratite (flightless bird) native to South America.  They have long necks similar to an
ostrich but they are smaller.  They stand about 5′tall and weigh about 50 lbs.  Unlike the ostrich
the Rhea has three toes on each foot instead of two and has much larger wings.

I am hoping to find suppliers for quality figurines.  I have found it downright frustrating when I
fall in love with a figurine only to have it too large or too small or just not right.  I am
specifically looking for bride/groom figures of a large variety of ethnicities for my wedding eggs.
I am also hoping there will be a variety of egg carrage wheels in silver for a baby carriage egg I
am currently working on.

The excitement of viewing egg artists from around the world will definately
get my creative juices flowing.

Stay tuned for updates and pictures…

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