In Loving Memory Of Fran Hunold

In loving Memory of Udessa Fran Hunold 4-28-1938 to 3-2-2012

Daughter – Wife – Mother – Grandmother – Friend

In our hearts and our prayers you will be missed.

In loving Memory of Udessa Fran Hunold 4-28-1938 to 3-2-2012

Fran Hunold

Hunold,Udessa Fran

Passed away peacefully, at the young age of 73, on March 2, 2012 in Scottsdale, Arizona.  She is survived by her loving husband Edmund Frank Hunold.  Fran was the feisty and fabulous mom of 2 daughters Lisa and Joyce and 1 son Robert.  She was also mother to a son, Edmund, that preceded her in death.  She was the proud Grandma of 3 grandchildren, Bryan, Quinn, and Alden and also blessed with two wonderful step grandchildren Travis and Joshua.  Fran volunteered regularly at the Smoki Museum in Prescott Arizona and The Cave Creek museum in Cave Creek.  Fran was a member of the IEAG (international Egg Art Guild).  She taught many the beautiful art of egg decorating for over 25 years.  She won the Arizona “White House Egg Contest” Dad called her an “eggin fool” and much of her fantastic art can be seen on

Fran will be missed by all that had the great opportunity to know her.  Her strength of character, her devotion to her family, and her southern courage will be truly missed.


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